Checkout Zenario using Subversion (SVN) from GitHub

You can get Zenario directly from our Github account using SVN.

This is a quick and easy process, and once you've got your Zenario software checked out of the SVN repository, it will allow you to update to new releases of Zenario easily.

Doing your first checkout

Firstly you need to cd to your site's directory, e.g.

cd /var/www/mywebsite/public_html/

Then you have to get the files onto your server from GitHub and then change a few file permissions:

svn checkout .
chmod 666 zenario_siteconfig.php
chmod 666 zenario_custom/templates/grid_templates/*.tpl.php
chmod 666 zenario_custom/templates/grid_templates/*.css
chmod 777 zenario_custom/templates/grid_templates/
mkdir cache public private
chmod 777 cache public private

Once you have done this, use your browser to go to your website's main URL, where you should see the Zenario installer.

Updating when there's new Zenario software available

Note: Before updating your software, we recommend you backup your database and files.

Once the above process is complete you can update your version to new releases of Zenario (when available) by using:

svn up .htaccess index.php robots.txt zenario

The point your browser at your website, and log in as an administrator (or if already logged in, go to /admin in the URL).

You will be asked if you would like to apply updates to your database schema. You should apply the changes, and then you should be able to log in to your site as normal.