This section contains guides and references for developing using Zenario.

Quick-start Guides

These guides will give you a brief overview of the concepts used when developing in Zenario.

TUIX Reference

Reference material for things that use TUIX, including Module descriptions, floating admin boxes, the Admin Toolbar and Organizer.

Methods you write

A reference of the methods in your module that you can write. Zenario will call these methods when your module needs to interact with something.

For example, if you write a pluggable module, your showSlot() method will be called when a plugin from your module is displayed.

Core function reference

A list of functions and variables that can be used when writing modules.

These can be used anywhere in the CMS.

Plugin function reference

A list of functions and variables that can be called when writing a pluggable module.

These can only be used when writing methods for plugins, e.g. the init() and showSlot() methods.