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Change Log

This page documents the new releases of Zenario, and the new features that each release contains. If there is an important update (e.g. a major bugfix or a security patch) then we'll list it here too.

Maintenance releases

We make frequent maintenance releases with minor patches. These details are too specific to list here, but are documented in the notes on our Commits on GitHub.


Zenario 7.7

Zenario 7.7 is now available to our hosted customers.

Zenario 7.6

Zenario 7.6 is now publicly released, these are the new features in this version.

Zenario 7.5

Zenario 7.5 has been publicly released, read about the new features here.

Zenario 7.4.4

This release fixes a bug where phrases were not being created by the installer.

Zenario 7.4.3

The 7.4 branch of Zenario has been updated with bugfixes for the admin login link, importing phrases from spreadsheets and sending verification emails to users.