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Change Log

This page documents the new releases of Zenario, and the new features that each release contains. If there is an important update (e.g. a major bugfix or a security patch) then we'll list it here too.

Maintenance releases

We make frequent maintenance releases with minor patches. These details are too specific to list here, but are documented in the notes on our Commits on GitHub.


Zenario 7.3.3

An update for anyone using the 7.3 branch of Zenario has been released, with bugfixes for importing phrases from spreadsheets and sending verification emails to users.

Software patch (all versions)

This update for all versions of Zenario patches a non-critical vulnerability with an unprotected minification-script.

Zenario 7.4.2

This update for the 7.4 branch of Zenario fixes a bug with SMTP emails, and patches a non-critical vulnerability with an unprotected minification-script.

Zenario 7.4.1

You can now download the 7.4.1 patch for Zenario. This includes a fix for links to inaccessible pages in the Banner plugin, a fix for changing an extranet user's password in Safari, and several other fixes and improvements.

Zenario 7.4

Zenario 7.4 is publicly released, with easier CSS editing through your browser, and improvements to nests.

Zenario 7.3.1

This patch for version 7.3 includes a bug-fix for user groups, and some miscellaneous fixes

Zenario 7.3

Version 7.3 has been publicly released!

This includes several new features including editing CSS through the browser, better support for retina images, searchable type-aheads in Floating Admin Boxes and Twig snippets for easy server-side scripting.

Security patch (all versions)

Zenario has been updated with a security patch for an issue in admin mode.

Zenario 7.2.2

This patch release contains another round of bugfixes for version 7.2 of Zenario

Zenario 7.2.1

We've released a patch for version 7.2 of Zenario with fixes for a couple of issues that have come to light since the release.