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Change Log

This page documents the new releases of Zenario, and the new features that each release contains. If there is an important update (e.g. a major bugfix or a security patch) then we'll list it here too.

Maintenance releases

We make frequent maintenance releases with minor patches. These details are too specific to list here, but are documented in the notes on our Commits on GitHub.


Security patch (all versions)

Please install the newest patch update for the Zenario version you use.

Zenario 7.0.5c bug fixes

Minor bug fixes to the 7.0.5 version of Zenario.

Zenario 7.0.6 ProBusiness change log

Zenario 7.0.6 ProBusiness brings you many new features including improvements to the image library, new multilingual domain options, new additions to forms as well as many minor features and bug fixes.

Zenario 7.0.5b ProBusiness change log

Zenario 7.0.5b ProBusiness brings Google Maps in Organizer to view your locations, multi-page forms and new field types, plus many minor features and bug fixes. 

Zenario 7.0.4b ProBusiness change log

Zenario 7.0.4b brings you ProBusiness, a major step up from Pro, you will be able to create an extranet area on your site, store and display locations and create and manage events. There are also many new modules and features as well as bug fixes.

Zenario 7.0.3a Pro change log

Zenario 7.0.3 Pro has many new features including datasets that can extend your data model. It also features brand new modules including a new Slideshow 2 module, background image/colour options, event slideshow module and many other features and bug fixes.  

Zenario 7.0.2e bug fixes

Bug fixes applied between versions 7.0.2d and 7.0.2e

Zenario 7.0.2d bug fixes

Bug fixes applied between versions 7.0.2c and 7.0.2d

Zenario 7.0.2c bug fixes

Bug fixes applied between versions 7.0.2b and 7.0.2c

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