Tuesday 4th October 2016 14:51

Hi to every body,

I´m just installed Zenario and I read the documentation.


I created a new layout with slots as per instruction and I choosed Responsive Layout as setting.


I filled one slot with an image and I wand that on resizing of browser the image resize too.


But the html code is following:


<img src="private/images/mS89bEeKqMK3F-S5GHAsh2N9aLg/JP-GHANA.png" alt="JP GHANA" style="width: 418px; height: 93px;"/>


so there is the attribute style setted.


I tried to change css file:



     width: 100%;



but if there is the style attribute setted browser will use it as priority.


Some body have some tip of how fix it?


Thanking in advance



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