A selection of projects built on Zenario

International Camellia Society: membership society logo

International Camellia Society: membership society

This site is the leading international source of information on camellias. There is a considerable amount of information on the site, including a directory of public gardens around the world, and a large back-issue library of publications.

Members can sign-up and pay for a membership via PayPal.


Haberman Baby: manufacturer logo

Haberman Baby: manufacturer

This is mostly a product brochure website for the company's baby and toddler feeding products.

There is an extranet area for certain users, as well as much use made of forms for various means of enquiry.


Choosewhere: travel logo

Choosewhere: travel

This site is an online travel directory using the Zenario content management system. It has well over 10,000 pages of content, and over 500,000 manageable locations.

The locations are hotels and other places to stay, plus visitor attractions and other notable places. For visitors there are listings of places to stay, and the ability to browse using maps.

The site uses mostly standard Zenario modules, which uses the Locations Manager system to give administrators access to maintain the data. 

Using Zenario's Datasets feature, many custom fields are also added to the standard fields.


International Mediation Institute: non-profit logo

International Mediation Institute: non-profit

This expansive website contains several sections, with its functionality centring around a members' extranet. In the private area, registered mediators and other members can develop their profiles, and make online payments.

There is then a mediator search area, in which visitors (people requiring a mediation service) can search for mediators.

To build the site, many custom Zenario modules were developed. The site also makes heavy use of the Datasets system, through which a large number of data fields are added to the regular Users system.


Tentipi: manufacturer logo

Tentipi: manufacturer

Tentipi manufactures tents for customers world-wide. The site runs on Zenario, which semi-personalises the site according to the visitor's country.

There is an international retailer locator system; it starts in the user's home country but lets them change if need be. This is based on the Zenario Locations modules, for easy administrator management and user-friendly interaction.


ELGA LabWater: manufacturer

This site is delivered in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

Zenario's language management features are used to help keep versions of each page in sync, and the site owner makes use of Zenario's ability to allow administrator access just to pages in a single language, thus facilitating editing by people who are allowed to translate but not originate content.

When a new visitor arrives at the site, Zenario auto-detects the visitor's language based on their web browser, and sends them to the right start page. Further into the site there are interactive features such as a product selector (a custom Zenario module) and a Forms-based enquiry system which integrates with a CRM.

There is an extranet area of the site, for the company's world-wide network of distributors. When logged in, they can use advanced custom features such as a consumables calculator, sales tools, carbon emissions calculators, document library and much more.


Atlantic Methanol: gas producer

This site is built on Zenario and makes full use of its multilingual content management features, as the site handles both English and Spanish.


WhiteKnights: real estate agent logo

WhiteKnights: real estate agent

WhiteKnights is a real estate agent, based in Reading.

Their new site was built on Zenario, and its central feature is a property search. Website visitors can search for properties to rent or to buy, entering a range of search parameters and seeing the results in a list or on a map.

There is a data feed mechanism into the site, so that data is taken from an offline property management system. It populates the site with new data every few hours. 


Bar Pro Bono Unit: non-profit logo

Bar Pro Bono Unit: non-profit

The Bar Pro Bono Unit is a charity which helps to find pro bono (free) legal assistance from volunteer barristers.

The site, running on Zenario, has a public informational area for applicants. There is also a private extranet area of the site, where barristers can log in securely and receive briefs on legal assistance that applicants have requested.


Goodman Jones: Chartered Accountants logo

Goodman Jones: Chartered Accountants

Goodman Jones is a firm of Chartered Accountants based in London. The Goodman Jones style is modern, yet personal and friendly, and they wanted to get this message across in their website.

The site runs on our latest Zenario CMS. However the in-house team are enthusiastic blog writers and enjoy the familiarity of WordPress. So we integrated the two systems together, so make a slick-looking customer experience.


FloPro: manufacturer logo

FloPro: manufacturer

The FloPro website has a high contrast, responsive visual design, ideally suited to product-based brochure site.

There is a products database, which makes use of the Zenario Datasets feature. It allows easy management by administrators of product data, even adding fields when need be.

There is a retailer locator. Using the Zenario Locations system, a user can enter a UK postcode to find a stockist nearby. The results are shown on a map and on a list.


Assetwolf: IoT/M2M portal logo

Assetwolf: IoT/M2M portal

Assetwolf is a revolutionary enterprise IoT platform. It simplifies the way companies connect their products and users, in a robust, secure and user-friendly way.

Remote assets can be connected to the cloud via the open MQTT protocol, even using cellular (GPRS or GSM) connectivity. The Assetwolf platform manages customer users and presents information in a user-friendly way.


Blueberry: IoT/M2M portal logo

Blueberry: IoT/M2M portal

Property monitoring dashboard showing Zenario and Sierra Wireless' AirVantage platform, the application enablement part of the IoT Acceleration Platform.

Called "Blueberry", the site shows how alarms can be handled — for intrusion detection, moisture detection, and frost. It can be viewed as a dashboard, and when an alarm occurs the site makes an audible "ping" to notify the user, and can send an email and/or SMS alert.

This is a classic IoT-type site, running on the Assetwolf SaaS platform, but available via password-less access as it is a demonstration site.