Your Zenario CMS is no longer just a CMS; it is now a powerful architecture that can be found at the heart of internet-of-things (IoT) customer portals.

IoT and M2M (machine to machine communication) are already the hot topics of many conferences this year. Zenario's developer team at Tribal Systems presented its IoT portal offering at the recent Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit in Paris.

Essential CMS features for IoT/M2M

Zenario has a lot of powerful features that make it a great base for an IoT portal:

  • customer security and account management features
  • GIS (geographic information system), with Google map support
  • a scalable Organizer administration system
  • modular software architecture, allowing new IoT applications to be written easily.

With these fundamentals already in place, Tribal Systems has extended Zenario to create a new software-as-a-service solution: Assetwolf.

Assetwolf is a ready-made customer portal, ready to connect any number of remote assets and bring them to a user's control.

Take a look at Assetwolf now.