We have recently added some new features to our forms system. You can now divide your forms into multiple pages making it useful for long forms that need careful attention in certain sections.

Multi-page forms

In order to create multiple pages for your forms, click on the folder icon next to your form.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz001.png

There is now a new button called "Add a page break", click the button.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz002.png

A new form field will appear called "Page break 1", simply drag this field below the last field you want on the first page of your form.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz003.png

For example this page break is between "Email" and 'Address line 1".

When looking on the front-end of your website, the form pages will look like this:

Page 1 - The user fills in the information and then presses "Next".

Google ChromeScreenSnapz004.png

Page 2 - The user can use the back button to see previously entered information and a submit button will appear on the last page of the form.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz005.png

Section description

You can also add a section description onto your form to explain or instruct the user what information is required on the form or specific form page.

To do this click on "Add section description".

Google ChromeScreenSnapz006.png

A pop-up box will appear asking you to enter some details. The name is for your reference, the label is what will appear on the front-end and the description is used to instruct or advise the user.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz007.png

Once you have saved those details, you can drag the new form field to where you would like that text to appear. This example has moved it just below the first page break, so the description is at the top of the second page.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz008.png

The form on the front-end now looks like this:

Google ChromeScreenSnapz009.png

There we have it, a simple way to make forms more user-friendly for your Zenario website.