Saturday 16th December 2017 22:15

Hello to you all,


The first time I installed zenario, I chose french as the main language. No problem so far. Then I tried to add a second language. I chose en-US in the list, then clicked on Choose button. Got a pop up window with big red minus sign (no message). Had the option to click OK, which I did. Brought me back to the list of languages. No english language added.


Solution : I reinstalled zenario (after deleting config file). Chose English (US) as main language. Then added second language (French), and voilà. I got the second language listed. I finally used French as the default language and got what I wanted in the first place.





Monday 18th December 2017 16:08

Hey Alex, thanks for spotting this!


The next release will contain a fix for this!

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