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Zenario 9.4 announced

17 Nov 2022

Zenario 9.4 is announced, and rollout to Zenario-hosted customers has begun. Check the feature set here.

Zenario 9.3 patch released

15 Nov 2022

Zenario 9.3.57595 patch released

Patches released for Zenario 9.0 onwards

26 Oct 2022

Various security patches have been released for Zenario 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3.

Zenario 9.3 is now available for download

14 Sep 2022

Zenario 9.3, featuring improved speed, image credit handling, pinning of articles, better cookie management, and more, is now available for download.

How does Zenario 9.3 achieve 95%+ PageSpeed scores?

15 Jun 2022

Zenario 9.3 achieves vastly improved page speeds, along with better control over images, cookies, and much more. Here's how.

Zenario now available as an Amazon Machine Image

29 Mar 2022

Zenario is now available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in the AWS Marketplace

Zenario 9.2 now for free public download, with many great new security and image features

7 Jan 2022

Improvements to: security, image speed, image editing, search, admin toolbar, Gridmaker, and more.

Video tutorials updated

3 Sep 2021

We've updated our video tutorials for Zenario 9.2. Watch now.

Site upgrade for Tentipi

20 Aug 2021

We've redesigned the Tentipi website, and upgraded it to Zenario 9.

Zenario 9 announced

20 Apr 2021

Zenario 9 is announced, our best version yet.

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