Zenario 7.7

Zenario 7.7 is now available for public download! Here are the major changes in this version:

Redesigned admin toolbar

The admin toolbar has a new look-and-feel.

Admin Toolbar Zenario 7

It's responsive, allowing Zenario to be used on screens with smaller widths.

The controls for placing slots on a content item have been moved away from the Edit tab and onto the new Slots tab, so the slot control buttons are more focussed on content editors (using the Edit tab) and web designers (using the Slots tab).

Lazy-loading of images

The Multiple Image Container now supports lazy-loading of images.

Untranslated "placeholder" pages for multi-lingual sites

If you have a multi-lingual site that is only partially translated into a new language, the visitor navigation is now more user-friendly.

Let's say you have a site in English that you translate into Swedish, but you only translate some of the English pages and not all of them. While a Swedish visitor is navigating the site in the Swedish area, he will see content in Swedish (like now). In Zenario 7.7, however, where the is a page available in English only, the user may view the English page, but still see the menu navigation in Swedish.

This makes sites much easier to navigate, either when they are in the process of being translated, or when the intention is only to part-translate them.

Ability for users to see "embed" links

You can now embed the contents of a Slot that contains a plugin nest on a third-party site. The Embed link can now be made visible to users.

To enable embedding, go into Organizer and Site Settings, then find Embedding and enable it, bearing in mind the security options (you can restrict what sites are allowed to embed your site). Then go to the specific slide of the plugin nest that you want to embed, and enable the Embedding option.

Then save, and an Embed link should be available for users to see, like this:

New Embed link in use

Improved ability to manage users in the front-end

Using Zenario's new FEA (Front-End Administration) system, there is now a user management plugin available for extranet users. This allows you to create a "Superuser" system, in which Superusers can log in to the extranet and manage other users.

Minor changes

  • The installer and the diagnostics screen now warn you if the curl or zip extensions are missing from PHP.
  • We now use version 2 of Twig. (Earlier versions of Zenario just used version 1 of Twig.)