Zenario 8.5

Version 8.5 of Zenario is now available with the following features.

Improvements to strong password enforcement

Our old way of enforcing strong passwords was to assign a score to the passwords that people enter, and require a certain score, which wasn't very transparent.

Now, password have clear minimum requirements (for example, at least 1 upper case character and at least 1 number), and the requirements can be changed & customised in the site settings.

Password input fields will display their requirements when users hover the mouse over them.

Improvements for branding & logos

When doing a fresh install of Zenario, you can now upload a logo and set an organisation name for your website.

If you wish to change this later, all site settings for setting branding and logos have now been collected together and moved into one place, the Site logos and Branding category.

Improvements to editing content

We've made various friendliness improvements to improve the process of adding/editing content.

  • When creating a new content item that can have a release date, the release date will now default to today's date.
  • <h1> tags now have a blue outline in admin mode, that appears when you hover your mouse over them, to help you spot them.
  • The lines around slots in admin mode are now colour-coded, to give you a visual clue as to what type of plugin is in each slot, and at what level it was placed.
  • Where a menu node points to an unpublished page and is only visible to admins, it is now shown in italics in admin mode.
  • When you delete or trash a content item which is translated, you are now prompted to delete/trash the translations as well.

New modules

There are new modules available: the Country and Language Picker and a new Location Map and Listing module.


Both the Conference Manager and Conference FEA modules have seem some bugfixes and improvements.

When delegates select extras, we now store who ordered what, and delegates can reconfirm their choices at a later time.

There's now an ability to assign a user-group to a conference. Any confirmed delegates will then be automatically added to that group.

Finally, there are new Excel export features.

Added more checks on the Diagnostics screen

We've continued to improve the usefulness of the diagnostics screen and have added more checks, including:

  • We've added a warning if any external programs are set to paths that don't exist/work.
  • We've added a warning if you're using the timezone module and the default timezone isn't set in the site settings.
  • We've added a warning if a plugin that needs to be on a public or private content item is placed on a private or public content item by mistake. (For example, you'll see a warning if a Change Email plugin is placed on a public page, or the Extranet Registration plugin is placed on a private page.)

Minor changes

  • When setting the maximum number of results to show for a Content Summary List or a Search plugin, you can now enter any number you wish.
  • User forms now support sending attachments by email, for forms that have file uploads on them.
  • Fixed a bug when duplicating a user form, where any CRM settings were not being copied to the new form.
  • Added a Test Connection button next to the site settings for Salesforce.

Notes for designers

Designers can now specifically target WYSIWYG editors with selectors.

WYSIWYG editors are now wrapped with an extra <div>, with a CSS class name specific to them, so a designer can style them without having their styles also apply to HTML snippets.

Notes for developers

Bower has been replaced by Yarn

The Bower package manager has been removed from Zenario, and we're now using Yarn instead.

For the most part, all this means is that if you had a library in zenario/libs/bower/name/ then all you need to do is change the path in your code to zenario/libs/yarn/name/ instead.

However be aware that some of the directory names are slightly different in some cases, as the names of a few of the packages in Bower are slightly different to their corresponding package names in Yarn.

Yarn doesn't handle the d3 and fabric libraries very well, so these have been moved outside of the package manager into the manually_maintained/ directory at zenario/libs/manually_maintained/bsd/d3/ and zenario/libs/manually_maintained/mit/fabric/ instead.

A .htaccess file has been left in the bower/ directory to server redirects to any client site/module that does not have the names updated.

Improvements for using Two-factor Authentication in email debug mode

The emails send containing the security codes for two-factor authentication will now always go to their intended recipients, even if email debug mode is enabled.