Zenario 8.9

Version 8.9 of Zenario is now publicly available. This will be the last release before version 9.0, and contains improvements for content editing and managing files.

Content items that contain files are more disk-efficient

Content items that contain files — document, picture, audio and video content items — are more space efficient:

  • Document, picture, audio and video content items can no longer be trashed, but are deleted completely instead.
  • When deleted, their files are also deleted.
  • When a version of such a content item is archived (i.e. you publish a new version), the file is from the archived version is deleted (unless the new file is identical).

Multiple Image Container plugin

The images used in a Multiple Image Container plugin are now stored in the docstore directory, rather than inside the database.

This should give faster faster image loading times, and a better page loading speed.

Permalinks for linking to document content items

The Document Container and Content Summary List plugins now have a "Copy permalink" option when linking to a document content item. This lets you easily get a permanent link to that document, as opposed to a temporary link that will time out.


Administrators can now log in using their email address as well as their admin username.

Banner module

Banner plugins now have the ability to add an anchor tag to the page, which is placed just after the banner's title.

Content Summary List (CSL) module

When listing document content items in a CSL it is now possible to show the file size.

Image handling: When images are private, image optimisation (creating an optimised image in the private directory) no longer occurs. Images are only optimised when public.

Admin mode

In admin mode, friendly URLs are now used almost everywhere. So you'll see friendly URLs (e.g. example.com/mypage), and rarely URLS such as example.com/index.php?cID=mypage.

When an editor clicks on the Edit button on the admin toolbar, Zenario will now automatically scroll the editor's view to show the editable content area.

When opening a plugin for editing, the floating admin box now shows the current tab name in the footer of the box.

The Organizer error log panel now shows how long the error log is stored for. It is also now easier to select an error URL can make a spare URL with its text, and then immediately remove all such entries from the log.

When showing maximum permissible file upload sizes, we now show them with for example "MB", so a more friendly format than bytes.