Fixes for 2FA

We've fixed a couple of issues that were making it hard for people with the public release of Zenario from enabling two-factor-authentication (2FA) for administrators.

The section in the zenario_custom/site_description.yaml file that needed to be edited did not have enough guidance as to what that name of the config option actually was. This has been addressed.

We've also addressed an issue where the 2FA codes could not actually be sent, due to a PHP fatal error caused by a missing file in the public build.

Other fixes for admin mode

  • Fixed a rare database error when opening Organizer due to a mistake in a database query.
  • Fixed a bug in the public release of Zenario, where pressing the "Suggest" button in the Staging Mode admin box caused a PHP fatal error, due to a missing file in the build.
  • Fixed an issue where if an inline image was used in a WYSIWYG editor, and if the WYSIWYG editor was a library plugin or in a nest, the image could not be centered.
  • Some fixes to the buttons in the View Slots panel in Organizer, where some buttons were not appearing in situations where they should do.

Download the patch