Zenario 7

Zenario 7.7

Zenario 7.7 is now available to our hosted customers.

Zenario 7.6

Zenario 7.6 is now publicly released, these are the new features in this version.

Zenario 7.5

Zenario 7.5 has been publicly released, read about the new features here.

Software patch (all versions)

This update for all versions of Zenario patches a non-critical vulnerability with an unprotected minification-script.

Zenario 7.4.4

This release fixes a bug where phrases were not being created by the installer.

Zenario 7.4.3

The 7.4 branch of Zenario has been updated with bugfixes for the admin login link, importing phrases from spreadsheets and sending verification emails to users.

Zenario 7.4.2

This update for the 7.4 branch of Zenario fixes a bug with SMTP emails, and patches a non-critical vulnerability with an unprotected minification-script.

Security patch (all versions)

Please install the newest patch update for the Zenario version you use.

Zenario 7.4.1

The 7.4.1 patch for Zenario includes a fix for links to inaccessible pages in the Banner plugin, a fix for changing an extranet user's password in Safari, and several other fixes and improvements.

Zenario 7.4

Zenario 7.4 is publicly released, with easier CSS editing through your browser, and improvements to nests.

Zenario 7.3.3

An update for anyone using the 7.3 branch of Zenario has been released, with bugfixes for importing phrases from spreadsheets and sending verification emails to users.

Zenario 7.3.1

This patch for version 7.3 includes a bug-fix for user groups, and some miscellaneous fixes

Zenario 7.3

Version 7.3 has been publicly released!

This includes several new features including editing CSS through the browser, better support for retina images, searchable type-aheads in Floating Admin Boxes and Twig snippets for easy server-side scripting.

Security patch (all versions)

Zenario has been updated with a security patch for an issue in admin mode.

Zenario 7.2.2

This patch release contains another round of bugfixes for version 7.2 of Zenario

Zenario 7.2.1

We've released a patch for version 7.2 of Zenario with fixes for a couple of issues that have come to light since the release.

Zenario 7.2 change log

Version 7.2 of Zenario is now available for the public to download. Included in this version is a WYSIWYG editor for datasets and forms, improved management area for content items in Organizer, a better editor in the Comments/Forums, and several more new features.

Zenario 7.1.2

This new patch for Zenario version 7.1 fixes a couple of problems in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It also contains a few other bug fixes.

Zenario 7.1.1

This patch for the 7.1 branch fixes bug with Zenario on Windows servers.

Zenario 7.1 change log

There are several new features in this version, including zone-based administrator permissions, restricted zones for translator administrators, SVG support, plugin previews while you work, and rapid data-entry for creating contacts, users, locations and other data records.

Zenario 7.0.7e

We've released one more patch in the 7.0.7 branch of Zenario. We plan for this to be the last patch in the 7.0.7 branch, unless a serious bug is found.

Zenario 7.0.7d

We've made a new patch available for the 7.0.7 branch. 7.0.7d contains the latest collection of bugfixes for Zenario.

Zenario 7.0.7c

This patch for version 7.0.7 of Zenario contains some bug fixes when using hierarchical URLs and the comments plugin.

Zenario 7.0.7b

This patch for the 7.0.7 branch of Zenario contains some minor bug fixes.

Zenario 7.0.7a change log

Zenario 7.0.7a brings you new and improved features to the documents system, new plugins, a brand new video help tour, new administrator control as well as many minor features and bug fixes.

Zenario 7.0.6b bug fixes

Minor bug fixes to the 7.0.6 version of Zenario.

Zenario 7.0.6 ProBusiness change log

Zenario 7.0.6 ProBusiness brings you many new features including improvements to the image library, new multilingual domain options, new additions to forms as well as many minor features and bug fixes.

Zenario 7.0.5c bug fixes

Minor bug fixes to the 7.0.5 version of Zenario.

Zenario 7.0.5b ProBusiness change log

Zenario 7.0.5b ProBusiness brings Google Maps in Organizer to view your locations, multi-page forms and new field types, plus many minor features and bug fixes. 

Zenario 7.0.4b ProBusiness change log

Zenario 7.0.4b brings you ProBusiness, a major step up from Pro, you will be able to create an extranet area on your site, store and display locations and create and manage events. There are also many new modules and features as well as bug fixes.

Zenario 7.0.3a Pro change log

Zenario 7.0.3 Pro has many new features including datasets that can extend your data model. It also features brand new modules including a new Slideshow 2 module, background image/colour options, event slideshow module and many other features and bug fixes.  

Zenario 7.0.2e bug fixes

Bug fixes applied between versions 7.0.2d and 7.0.2e

Zenario 7.0.2d bug fixes

Bug fixes applied between versions 7.0.2c and 7.0.2d

Zenario 7.0.2c bug fixes

Bug fixes applied between versions 7.0.2b and 7.0.2c