The multi-lingual CMS

A website can reach people anywhere in the world, but how do you make the site readable for people in other languages that yours?

Zenario is multi-lingual at its core

Zenario uses the UTF-8 character format to make sites readable in every language, making sure your business is connected to a worldwide audience. 

Enabling a language

A Zenario site administrator can enable a new language with a few clicks. Many popular language packs are built in, and it's easy to create a new language pack for ones that aren't.

Automatic language detection

Zenario can auto-detect a visitor's language based on a number of parameters:

  • It can provide a visual language and country picker, with a guess for the visitor's country if geo-IP is used
  • It can switch language according to a site visitor's browser settings, and redirect them to an appropriate landing page
  • You can define use domain names, for example, a ".fr" domain name for French, to trigger redirection to the appropriate page
  • It can use the geographic IP address lookup and redirect according to a visitor's country
  • Other methods: you can create modules which extend this functionality or implement more specific needs.

Export, translate, import

Pages of a Zenario site can be exported, then translated into one or several languages by an external translator. You can then import the translated copy, and publish it.

Centralised phrase management

Zenario uses a phrase management system, which stores phrases that are not specific to any particular page of a site.

The entire set of phrases can be exported, translated and imported, making the whole process straightforward and the final website convincing in every language it supports.