Installing AWS s3 support

Zenario's document content type allows for:

  • one file per document to stored locally
  • one file per document to be stored on AWS s3 (simple storage service).

One or both files may be specified. We expect that the local copy may be a smaller, more easily displayed file (e.g. a PDF) while the s3-stored file may be a larger, source file (e.g. an Illustrator file).

From Zenario 9.4 onwards, support is included, but the aws library needs to be manually installed first, as we do not bundle it with our build.

On Linux

You will need to have composer installed on your server, see

You should then move the composer.phar file inside /usr/local/bin/composer so you can call it globally.

On a Mac

If you have MAMP installed then this will come with a copy of composer which can be found here:


(Tip: add /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/ to your PATH variable to call it globally.)

If you do not use MAMP, you can instead follow the same installation instructions as for Linux.

On Windows

We're not able to provide support or documentation for installing on a Windows OS.

Install AWS

Once composer is installed, please run

composer require aws/aws-sdk-php

That should download and create the files and directories needed inside zenario/libs/.

You will need to repeat this each time Zenario is upgraded, as the source code from the new Zenario version will be missing this directory.