Wednesday 25th May 2016 14:05

Hello everybody,

I want my keywords and page description in "Editing metadata and content" Enter. (V 7.2.0)
The page description I enter under: Description meta tag:


Where can I enter keywords?
What is to be entered in Summary field?


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Wednesday 25th May 2016 15:21

Hi Tec,


You can add the 'Meta Data' plugin on your page(s) and change its default settings to display 'Keywords' and 'Description':



By default the 'Keywords' field is hidden for the content items. In order to change this setting please go to Organizer > Configuration > Site Settings > HTML pages

(Note this is assuming the content item you want to add keywords to is a 'HTML page'. Otherwise choose the correct content item i.e. 'News articles').


And click 'Properties':



Change the 'Keywords field' to be 'Optional' and click 'Save' button to save your changes.



Now back on your page. A page's 'Keywords' and 'Description' can be updated on its 'Meta Data' as you said. This is on your page, click 'Edit' tab on the top Admin toolbar, 'Properties' > 'Edit metadata and content'.



You will now be able to enter the keywords:



The Summary is a field that is used on other plugins like 'Content Summary List'. Where you want to display a short summary of the content items. Is very similar to the 'Description' field but this last field is more related to the meta data and used for SEO purposes with a limit of 160 characters.


For example on our Blog ( we have a list of Blog entries showing the Title, Date, Author and Summary of each entry.


Hope that helps!



Wednesday 25th May 2016 16:42

Hi Liz,

thanks for the - as always - very skilled and quick solution description.
Thats how it works!

Best wishes

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