Hi everyone,


Running 7.5.40675 : does anyone having trouble with google maps module ?

i can't display any location, neither the default one(zenario, Dukesbridge House, 23 Duke Street, Reading, RG1 4SA, United Kingdom), nor mine...


it displays a blank box ...

There are no error logs on apache logs.


Thanks !


Hi Colonel,


Have a look at the messages in the console, you might have an error from Google saying you haven't registered for an API key with this domain.


Once you have an API key you can enter here:


Hope that helps,



Hi Matthew,


Thank you so much for this, it works !


I can't even think of the need for an an API key ...

This is a change Google made recently; everyone who uses Google Maps on their own websites needs to use an API key.


Nothing we can do about it but fortunately all you need to do is sign up and obtain one from their site.

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