Saturday 24th January 2015 22:33

Hi, The installer stops at first requirement. Is it possible to force the instal process ? Behavior of LiteSpeed server is often (it not generally) the behavior of Apache. So I would be pleased to try zenario on my shared web hosting. Thanks you

Tuesday 27th January 2015 09:42

Hi there Sorry, would you mind if I confirm which requirements aren't met? Is it just that you're running a different web-server, or are there other requirements missing? In theory the CMS will run on other web-servers, but we don't support them, as we only test in Apache. Of course we're open source, so if you want to have a go at running the CMS then you could always disable the check in zenario/includes/ Look forif (stripos($_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE'], 'apache') === false) { around line 313 and replace it with something likeif (false) { As we don't test in LiteSpeed I couldn't tell you if the CMS will actually work though!

Wednesday 28th January 2015 09:05

Yes I run LiteSpeed. All of the others requirements are fulfilled. I disabled the test, and the installation have been achieved as expected. I have not already dived into the CMS, but at this moment it seems to run fine. thanks you.

Monday 3rd July 2017 19:54

Has there been zenario test cases on nginx  ?

Tuesday 4th July 2017 10:50

Hi Jonny


Theoretically it should work but we don't test it ourselves.


Since this thread was started we've since changed the installer so that it will warn you if you're not using Apache, but still let you continue with the install.

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