Zenario 7.2

Version 7.2 of Zenario is now available for the public to download! Here's what's new in this version:

Datasets and Forms now with WYSIWYG editing

Managing your datasets is now even easier! We have a new WYSIWYG form building system that lets you easily and intuitively customise your data!

dataset and form editing.png

Improved management area for content items in Organizer

We have reorganised the Content Items panel in Organizer. You can now select the type of content item on the left of the panel, and filter by status, language and layout at the top.

The filters that you now have a a lot faster to get to, more useful, and can be reached with a lot less clicking!

Better editor in the Comments/Forums

We are now using the TinyMCE editor in our comments and forum plugins. This has a lot less bugs and a lot more features than the old editor, such as the ability to include pre-formatted code.

Minor features

  • You can now disable the checks for Apache and MySQL in the installer, if you wish to use equivalent software instead.
  • You can now set a port number for the database connection, should you wish to use a database with a non-default port number.
  • Designers can now use CSS styles and media queries when composing a newsletter.
  • If you have enabled the release date or author fields, they will now be auto-populated when creating a content item.
  • Administrators with the Manage user/contact groups permission can now create a group without also needing the System Manager permissions. (Previously both permissions were needed before an administrator could create a group.)
  • When editing things such as an extranet user in a floating admin box, you can now see the id of the user you are editing at the top of the box.
  • The "pickers" in our floating admin boxes now show the icon of the thing you selected as well as the name
  • When you delete an item in Organizer, the next item in the list will now be automatically selected.

Bug fixes 

  • Fixed a bug where you could cause an infinite redirection loop on your homepage by setting a primary domain, creating some spare domains, and then disabling the primary domain. (Spare domains are now disabled when the primary domain is removed, as was originally intended.)
  • If you enable the Offer to save your web passwords option in Chrome, and then click the Create a user or contact button in Organizer, Chrome will no longer enter your administrator name and password into the form on the screen. (We had fixed this issue back in version 7.1, but a new version of Chrome required a new fix for the same problem!)
  • Fixed a bug where the 'resume' button in the Newsletters Module did not work.
  • Fixed a bug where "double-quotes" were stripped from the filenames of uploaded files.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong images were sometimes displayed if you put two Image Container plugins on the same page and enabled plugin caching.
  • Fixed a bug where the Create secondary node button on the Admin Toolbar allowed administrators to create a glitched menu node outside of a menu section.
  • Fixed a bug in Organizer where you could not see the label on a page number higher than 999.