Zenario 7.2.2

This patch release contains another round of bugfixes for version 7.2 of Zenario:

  • Added body.edge, body.ie11 and body.opera.webkit as CSS selectors, so designers can now write browser-specific CSS for Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer 11 browsers, and the webkit version of Opera.
  • Renamed some CSS class names used by Grid Maker. Anyone who wants to use embed codes from MailChimp should now be able to do so without any name-clashes.
  • Added a CSV export option for the content access log in Organizer.
  • Fixed a glitched screen in the plugin settings of the Multiple Image Container.
  • Fixed a bug in multi-page forms where error messages would display multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug where sending an email caused an error if the message body was larger than 64K in size.
  • Fixed a bug where the email template panel in Organizer would sometimes break if multilingual characters were entered into an email template.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Only 500 locations are being shown" message in Organizer did not appear if the developer tools were disabled.
  • Fixed the "could not read this file" errors when looking at a skin's files in Organizer
  • Fixed a bug in Grid Maker where the right-most slot in a grouping would sometimes drop down to the next line in IE and Chrome.
  • Fixed a some PHP warning messages that were displayed in the installer when installing on PHP 7 with errors and notices enabled.