This release is a bug fix release, with several miscellaneous small fixes.

Updates for minifying skins

After receiving feedback, we've reworked how the "Minify Skin" button works on the diagnostics screen.

Instead of having to manually press a button, it's now done when you press "Continue". Minifying skins is a safe process so there is no longer a choice to delay doing this.

We've also fixed a few bugs and inconsistencies, where the ability to do this would sometimes not appear when a site was in Production mode.

Fixes in visitor mode

Fixed a bug with the link from the login page to the registration page, where the link always went to the page in the default language. It should now go to the page in the visitor's current language.

Fixed a bug on extranet plugins with a password entry box, where the password requirement messages were always in English, and not able to be translated.

Fixed a bug when using implied cookie consent together with page caching, where the notice message explaining about cookies could sometimes fail close as intended.

Fixed an issue in our code where it was possible to trigger a PHP error by hacking the URL to the search page.

Fixes in admin mode

Fixed a bug where, if a site has a custom logo, the error messages shown in staging mode were not correct.

Fixed a bug where, under certain situations, the admin UI elements would bleed into "Preview" mode.

Fixed an issue where the WYSIWYG Editor would remove the "rel" attribute from elements.

Fixed an issue where the WYSIWYG Editor would corrupt an image's URL if it was used in an inline style rule.