When I tried to edit a layout, one of the slots says "Plugin hidden on this content item" and when I hit the + button the box has an additional item called :"Layout layer (overridden)".  Can you tell me what the message means and how I can get around it?


Thank you.

Hi there!


This means there's a plugin on the layout, but it's been hidden for the content item that you're on.


If you click on the Slots tab on the Admin Toolbar and then go back to the slot, you can change this.

Hello Chris,


When you saidvSlots tab on the Admin Toolbar were you referring to the Layout?

Oh, right, you're still running version 7.1 aren't you?


If I remember correctly, it's not the Slots tab back on 7.1, I think you need to go to the Edit tab instead.


(By the way, I would highly recommend that you update to a recent version. It's harder for us to offer advice for people on older versions, and often if we find something that's confusing then we fix it in the next release!)

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