Hello everybody,

After I have 8.0.44294 installed, I get the following message by e-mail:


Files for the following modules are missing:

Forms (zenario_user_forms_2)

Menu Forward Back Navigator (zenario_menu_forward_back_navigator)

How can this be fixed?






Hi there!


Is this a fresh install or did you upgrade from a previous version? If so, what previous version did you update from? And was that version itself updated from a version before?


You can get rid of these warnings by going into the modules panel in Organizer and uninstalling the offending modules.


If you're using forms then you should be running the zenario_user_forms module. I've no idea what the zenario_user_forms_2 module is, but if the rest of your site is working smoothly then most likely it's bad data from somewhere and safe to just uninstall.


I don't think the Menu Forward Back Navigator has been rewritten for version 8.0 yet. (Modules from version 7 won't just work with version 8, they need rewriting.) Also, I don't think this was in the fact notes - I'm sorry about that!


Hello Chris,


I updated to 8.0.44294 with Restore from Backup (Backup version 7.6.41633) (No data on the FTP directory). That would have to be a fresh install?

Can I perform a standard installation (fresh install) - without "Restore from Backup" - and insert a backup later?


Yes that's possible, but it wouldn't help with this issue.


What you've done is fine, I was just asking.

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