Hi ,


I have a problem when Install zenario-probusiness-8.5.50916.

The error show below :


Database query error: 1064, You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'rows int(10) unsigned default NULL' at line 2, ALTER TABLE `zenario_mod17_zuf_user_form_fields` ADD COLUMN rows int(10) unsigned default NULL    


My Server Information
- Apache/2.4.33

- MariaDB 10.2.25-MariaDB 

- PHP version: 7.2.5  

Hey there Az!


Sorry to say, we've dropped support for MariaDB and no longer do testing on it. (Actually, we never officially supported it, but used to do testing on it unofficially.)


The reason for this is that MySQL introduced some new functionality that we now use in a few places, that MariaDB doesn't have, and doesn't plan to add.


We now recommend using either MySQL 5.7, or the equivalent version of Aurora.



If you want to keep using MariaDB and this is the only problem, you could probably get past it by editing that line (line 1542 on zenario/modules/zenario_user_forms/db_updates/user_forms.inc.php) and adding backticks (`) around the word rows, e.g. as follows:


 ADD COLUMN `rows` int(10) unsigned default NULL


You should then be able to go back to your site and continue the installation.



If you can confirm that works I'll add the fix to the build.

Hi Chris, :)


Thanks for reply.

I already test what you mention above.






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