The main problem:   


When I started to install the zenario cms on local servers, and entered the local domain in browser (Chrome), I got this:   [ Laragon local server ]


"Your CMS_ROOT value is not correctly set. 'D:\LOCY\LARAGON\www\zenario\zenario/' is not the correct path to the CMS."   -   


And this:   [ Open Server ]


"Object not found!
The requested resource was not found. The link on the page is incorrect or outdated. Please inform the author of this page about the error.

If you think this is a server error, please report it to the webmaster.

Error 404



define('SUBDIRECTORY', '/');   

to  zenario_siteconfig.php  file doesn't make any difference


Another several cms engines started and installed without any errrors

What to do, what to think, where to go?



Thank you for your time!


Hi niod,


Thanks for the question. 


Can you please tell me, what URL (presumably on your local machine) would you use in your browser in order to navigate to Zenario?





Hey there Niod, sorry about the problems here!


Judging from the paths in your error messages, you're running on a Windows server.


If you have the choice, we are now recommending that people run Zenario on a Linux server if they can, purely due to the fact that we have a larger user-base using Linux servers and do most of our testing in that environment.


However if you do want to stick with Windows, we've released a patch that should fix the issue you noticed with the CMS_ROOT path.

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