Dear Friends

I have a paper work for my university. so i try to work with your nice cms. i have install it to university server , everything seem ok expect some errors. so when i go to back end everything seem ok, when i go to front end i see only a white page and nothing else. i dont see your demo page. is any setting i have to do ? or is the problems with updates. i send you errors that i get when i see the health of the site. So my question is i need a setting or university need to update somethings. Even they say to me try to find an older version of Cms

Thanks in advance

Hi Thomas, 

Thanks for the question. I assume you downloaded version 9.3.57754 (otherwise please let me know). 

From the fact that you get a white front end, it sounds like there is no layout, or it's not being used.. it ought to have been created during install (and then you can modify it), so perhaps you can check whether layouts exist?

Also I am concerned that your diagnostics show you using MariaDB version 5.5.5. In theory MariaDB ought to work (we don't often test it but I realise it is in theory the same as MySQL. But the version may be a problem, Zenario says it needs version 5.7. 

Are you able to upgrade your database to MySQL (or failing that, MariaDB), version 5.7?

Hey there Thomas

You say you're seeing a white screen - what might be happening here is that you actually have an error, but it's being hidden from you due to your server config.

We usually recommend that you display errors on your site while you are in the process of setting your site up. However if this isn't an option for you, likely you'll find that the error is being recorded in your server's error log.

It's hard to say what might be wrong based on what you've told us so far, but one possible issue is that you're trying to use MariaDB.

In the distant past, we used to (unofficially) support MariaDB, and would make some attempt to fix any compatibility issues people reported. However some time ago the people behind MariaDB made the decision to move further away from MySQL and stopped implementing the same features that MySQL did. The result of this means that MariaDB is no longer fully compatible with MySQL, and we can't guarantee that Zenario will run on MariaDB.

We'd strongly recommend that you use MySQL, or else be prepared to face a the occasional issue cropping up unexpectedly.

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