I am a new user, and before I go further there are a couple of   issues I need to solve.


1) What is depth of the menu structure ? In the menu navigation section I can insert menus down to 3 levels of  children.  Unfortunately when I publish the page only one level is shown. Why is this ?

2) Is the menu structure collapsible ?

3) Is it possible to insert collapsible menu in the side bar ? If so is there a tutorial anywhere ?

4) Is it possible to have multiple side bar menus ?  ie. a different menu under each top level menu section ?


Any help would be appreciated, it seems the user guide is not up to date with latest version (8.5) of the cms.


Hi alanek,


Thanks for the question, I'm sorry for the slow reply. Our team are all home working at the moment, still very busy but we are sometimes slower to get to things.


Zenario will handle any number of menu levels in its data structure, but the number of menu levels displayed will depend on which menu module you use.


Before I answer in more detail, can you tell me please which menu module (its name) you are using?


Best regards



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