Hello, congratulations for this CMS, it's excellent, I've tested about twenty of them recently and it's by far the best.
It would gain a lot to be known.
Given the quality, I'm surprised to see only a free version, by curiosity is there no pro version or other paid version?
My question, I've been looking for a long time but I haven't found the way to insert a small mp4 video, or other formats, can we do it ?



Thanks for the feedback! Yes indeed there is really a lot of functionality inside Zenario. The one you download is actually ProBusiness, which is the 3rd out of four editions:


 - Community (simplest, eg. one administrator)

 - Pro (fully featured for regular websites)

 - ProBusiness (with extranet support)

 - Enterprise (with Organization Manager, i.e. roles and locations... this is the paid-for one).


We don't have an online mechanism to sell Enterprise, but we will sell a copy, it's £1,600.


We do most of our business through our managed hosting service, which is typically £750/year for Pro or £1,250/year for ProBusiness, including hosting, support, backups, patches, upgrades. Please have a look at tribalsystems.uk which is our consultancy business that provides this.


Hosting videos is not normally done through Zenario itself. We used to do this via a content type "streaming video", but we've found it hard to maintain a streaming library for lots of video formats and standards. So we recommend putting the video(s) on a service like YouTube or Vimeo and then putting the embed link in Zenario, in a "Raw HTML Snippet" plugin which you should place on an HTML web page content item.


If you have a large number of videos, there is a "Video Manager" module (it's a "zenario_extra_module", so would be included on request only, not — as yet — in the free downloads). That works as a front-end to Vimeo, and lets you upload videos through Zenario, set keywords and categories (all expandable via Datasets), thus giving a nice interface for users and superusers (you don't need to be an admin). Sorry that's a long answer to a simple question, but in essence with the free version you need a HTML Snippet.


Hope that helps!


Thank you for all this information.
With your help I was able in 10 minutes to put my video online with a Raw HTML Snippet module, and a simple src="/public/images/myvideo/video.mp4".
I had to create the directory "myvideo" manually ( and upload the video (I specify for eventual users looking for the info).
I still can't do everything I want to do but I'll look for it.
After a day on Zenario I appreciate more and more how it works, it's really very well thought.
I'm going to put a very good opinion and comments on Softaculous.


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