Hi, When I try to install modules concerning "Location" (User Role Location Viewer, Location Image Editor and Location Editor), I receive this error message:   Cannot run the Module "User Role Location Viewer" as it depends on the "zenario_organization_manager" Module, which is not present or not running. Cannot run the Module "Location Image Editor" as it depends on the "zenario_organization_manager" Module, which is not present or not running. Cannot run the Module "Location Editor" as it depends on the "zenario_organization_manager" Module, which is not present or not running. What is the "zenario_organization_manager" module and how to install or run it? Thanks

Hi there Tom The Location Editor, the Location Image Editor and the User Role Location Viewer modules need the Organization Manager module to work. Currently we're only offering the Organization Manager module to our hosted customers, so it doesn't make sense to bundle the Location Editor, Location Image Editor or User Role Location Viewer modules with the download as you couldn't actually use them ^_^;; Our system is supposed to sort all of this out automatically but I think there's a mistake in our meta-information here which is putting the wrong thing in the wrong place. Would you mind just ignoring these modules for now..? At some point in the future we'll add an updated download on the site that doesn't have these unusable modules.

This is the only thread related to locations and organization datasets ...


I see that the Organization Manager is not available in the packaged product, but is there a way to make use of the zenario_project_locations in Zenario 7.7 for this purpose? Is this suitable for adding companies (or member schools in our case) and connecting them to extranet users?


The default fields do not match what we want to use. How can I edit and extend these 'projects' and, more importantly, import them from our current database?

Hey there!


Yes that's pretty much what the Organization Manager does. You can create companies, and then assign each of your locations to one of the companies you create.


You can also assign users to one or more locations, and there's a "roles" based system where different users can have different roles assigned at each location.


In version 8 of Zenario we also have a permissions based system available to module developers, that allow you to create plugins that only show certain details- or only allow certain actions - for users at a location with the correct role.


I'm afraid none of this is currently in the community release though, I'm sorry about that.

We provide Organisation Manager within our Zenario Enterprise product. This costs £1,600 per year (see https://tribalsystems.uk/services/zenario-hosting) and includes a level of support. It also gives you access to our latest release code (currently Zenario 8.0 and soon to be 8.1). 


We price this on an annual basis because it receives frequent bug fixes and updates, and updates are easy to deploy as the access to Zenario's source code is via our secure svn repository. 


This is effectively how we run all of our client sites (we don't unzip a package each time). It's similar to the GitHub source of Zenario, but includes the additional features.


The license allows you to have your own copy of Zenario, so there is no need to stay on the annual charge after 1 year. The number of sites is unlimited but the license limits it to 1 server.


Please contact us if you would like more details. Many thanks



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