Friday 28th August 2015 20:57

The problem's in pickable_css_class_names: I've created a new skin which extends zenario's base skin, but when I try to ADD styles to top menu (just white borders to first level top menu - in new skin's css file) it basically erases its initial styles and reassigns new ones from my stylesheet. I'm not much an expert in YAML documenting but I think I wrote correct description.yaml file

Tuesday 1st September 2015 09:41

Hi there Jonnyali Are you trying to add a new entry to the "CSS classes" list in the "Framework & CSS" options for the plugin? Or are you just trying to restyle an existing one? Oh, and please could you show us your skin's description.yaml file and the CSS code you've added that is not working.

Tuesday 1st September 2015 19:07

description.yaml is: display_name: My Home Page type: usable extension_of_skin: 'duke_street' style_formats: - title: "Blue text" selector: "p" classes: "txt_blue" pickable_css_class_names: plugins: - module_css_class_name: zenario_content_list css_class_name: zen_content_list_custom label: zen_jonnyali - module_css_class_name: zenario_menu css_class_name: top_menu_custom label: zen_jonnyali I've fugured those classes written in css_class_name:  totally REstyle those in module_css_class_name: but in order to ADD style to plugin (whatever) one must use plugins original class names (in custon skin's *.css file) without mentioning it in skin's YAML file.  (as far as i understood))

Wednesday 2nd September 2015 09:25

The only thing the "pickable_css_class_names" settings do is pre-populate the list of CSS class names that you can pick in the "Framework & CSS" options. They won't appear on your site until an administrator goes into the "Framework & CSS" options for a plugin and selects them, and an administrator has a free text field to enter whatever CSS class names they like, so setting them up is strictly optional. Anyway, I could be wrong, but I think I see what your issue is. Let's say there's a plugin (e.g. a menu plugin) that has a default look-and feel. In the original skin it might be styled using rules such as .zenario_menu__default_style ul li { ... } You want to make a new pickable style, so you create a new class name called top_menu_custom. When picked, this replaces zenario_menu__default_style with top_menu_custom, and the old style rules no longer match. CSS doesn't let you extend style rules in this way. You have two things you can do to work around this:

  • If you don't want to use the default styles, then remove your top_menu_custom class name and just add style rules to the original zenario_menu__default_style class name.
  • If you want to use the default styles, and have your new styles as an extra option, then you'll have to either style your new class from scratch, or make a copy of all of the rules but change the class name from zenario_menu__default_style to top_menu_custom in the code you copy.
Thursday 3rd September 2015 20:29

Now it is clear - thanx for help Chris! For now I've chosen practicing the first way out of two listed above (using original css class names - for some touch up)

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