Tuesday 1st September 2015 19:56

Now my goal is to set max-height for Top_menu slot (it seems a bit too high by default). I've tried to modify grid_templates/myCustomTemplate.css and even some skin's *.css but nothing works good. Does anyone know the nice way to do it?

Thursday 3rd September 2015 09:48

Hi Jonnyali, are you talking about this rule:.Grid_Header .slot .zenario_slot {    height: 100px;} Try overwriting it in CSS with your own rule, and either set the height to a different value or set it to "auto".

Wednesday 16th September 2015 16:22

I got it! But here's another problem hard to cope with, cannot find document (and a rule within) where this strict ugly-styling placed  https://yadi.sk/i/wqFvaGdDj8UHj  (i think max-width:100% - instead of - width: 100% !importand would do good, but I got trouble finding it otherwise no way to overwrite). Thanks again

Thursday 17th September 2015 09:59

If you're having problems modifying the Duke Street skin, maybe you could save yourself some trouble by making a fresh skin? Any layout made using Grid Maker will have some grid-CSS that will put all of the slots in the right place. If you want to make your own skin, but you don't want to start from scratch, then it's possible to selectively copy things from the Dukes Street skin. If you look in the zenario_custom/templates/grid_templates/skins/duke_street directory, you'll see that the skin is split up into lots of different files and sub-folders. You can copy and paste whichever of these that you want into your own skin. For example you might want to copy fonts.cssplugins.css and stylesheet_print.css; but you might not want to copy layout.css.

Sunday 20th September 2015 21:26

Finally, it took me real long to find that stylesheet (viewport_devices_others.css) to get my brain relieved, but generally I got your point and now I just copy (without renaming) those (which I need for specific purposes) *.css files into my custom skin folder and fresh write/overwrite some specific rules I need. At first (my opinion) it seemed annoying & real bulky to have all that bunch of stylesheets within a single skin folder, but it turns to be there are more advantages in the long run. Real nice CMS, great thanks to creators

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