Tuesday 29th September 2015 11:31

Hi again! I like zenar.io most for its easy grid-templating tools while handling page's responsive/adaptive-ness matters (and not only these). At this point I'm trying to solve the problem of exchanging menus (mobile for default widescreen and vice versa) upon reaching ANOTHER threshold (seems like the default threshold is 768 px), but there's too many css files in "Duke Street" skin to find and touch up the right one. The thing is here in Russia and Uzbekistan most people use tablets/mobile devices of a bit modest screen resolutions.  I played around and finally got both menus present at some width points, which is ugly. I guess the file responsible for such operations is "viewport_devices_breakpoint.css" but its a bit too complicated for me now. Here I got my custom grid template (myHomePage cloned & modified from "Home page") and custom skin which extends "Duke Street" and so far copied (into my skin folder) 3 stylesheets for slight modification purposes. Please anyone gimme the clue how to carry it out in a neat manner (at point of screenwidth of 601px widescreen menu should raplace mobile menu plugin)? https://yadi.sk/i/Nz8BGyXqjPtsv https://yadi.sk/i/ajkVzUpkjPttq PS. May be in future releases there'll be some user friendly interface available for such modifications available, hopefully. Many thanx wise guys

Tuesday 29th September 2015 13:28

Hi again Jonnyali The easiest way to do this is to use the options in Gridmaker. Go to "Layouts" in Organizer, click on a layout, and then click on "Edit layout with Gridmaker. Once there, you'll see some options that might be helpful:

  • If you enable the "Fluid" option, you can make your layouts stretch and shrink depending on the width of the device that is viewing them.
  • If you enable the "Responsive" option, the grid will automatically disable itself for devices with smaller screens than the width you enter. These devices will see a flat view of the page instead.
If you click on the "Slot view" tab and then click on one of the slots to open its properties, you'll see a few more options:
  • You can hide a specific slot on devices with smaller screens.
  • You can hide a specific slot on devices that don't have smaller screens. (This option only appears for full-width slots.)
This should let you set up something simple. If you want something more advanced then you'll need to start using @media queries in your CSS code (e.g. like in Duke Street), but I would recommend that you start by using Gridmaker first as it is a lot easier.
Tuesday 29th September 2015 16:40

Hi Jonnyali. You can ignore the file "viewport_devices_breakpoint.css". If you want the responsive menu to appear at a breakpoint of 601px then you should set the breakpoint on the Gridmaker just as Chris suggests. Set your layout to be 'Fluid' and set the Min-width to be 601px. E.g. For the responsive menu you need this full folder: skins/duke_street/ResponsiveMultiLevelMenu That folder has the default appearance settings for the responsive menu. And the Duke Street styles are in: skins/duke_street/slimmenu.cssThis is the file that you can copy and modify to make it more similar to your layout. Hope that helps.

Friday 2nd October 2015 19:47

sorry guys, while trying to install new 7.0.7a version there's a problem unsolvable wich says concerning MySQL version (although I tried several up-to-date localservers & checked package components). My op.system's Win7 and firewall is disabled 

Friday 2nd October 2015 19:52

Monday 5th October 2015 09:58

Oooh... that's confusing, I'm sorry about that! I think the problem could be that you're using a ten-year-old development version of MySQL. We tightened up our checks on this page recently, so it's possible that the system allowed this before, but doesn't now. May I ask if there's any reason you're still using MySQL 5.0? Oracle has stopped issuing patches and security fixes for it, so if you can you might want to update to a more recent version. Otherwise if you just want to get by, you can edit the zenario/includes/welcome.inc.php file and remove the check. Around line 330, find the text if (!$mysqlVersion || !compareVersionNumber($mysqlVersion, '5.0.0')) { and replace it withif (false) { That should get you past this step!

Tuesday 6th October 2015 16:57

Just to let you know we released a patch today that hopeful should fix this problem!

Thursday 22nd October 2015 14:35

My apollogies, it (apparetntly) was all about localServer installation place (only xampp said it is necessary to install it in the root of a localDrive, few others just reported confusing unrelated mistakes), though I was using only modern webservers with latest packages. My fault was I created and used SUBfolder ))

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