Wednesday 18th November 2015 16:26

For example, when inserting a some menu plugin (in a nest) it loses its own css tuning and inherits '.zenario_plugin_nest__default_style' css which is hard to tailor just the way i want. Basically I need plugins within Revelable Panel module to retain their styling as long as it possible.  Alternatively may be it's easier to find a 'roll up & down on click' solution for things I want to display on pages?

Thursday 25th February 2016 12:18

I gradually came to know what really do (modules): RevealablePanel, TabbedNest, UntabbedNest. Specifically now I'm trying to make sort of an Image-Galley, with original img sizes 480X640 but at least twice as smaller on the page (as thumbnails, in page's main section), at least two in a row, but only if insufficient section width (browser resizing), right-ones jump down the left-ones (with fancy box enlarging on click).

So I came to use UntabbedNest with my pictures as plugins, but the only thing unsolved to me that drives crazy (it seems I've tried every known styling thing, including all 4-level divs preceeding nested images) is to make those banners display inline, with next row jumping only due to screen width limitation.

I think it would be inappropriate to make changes to page's grid-system (include several small width grids, so to place 2-3 such modules in line and finally have all pictures display neatly in 2-3 columns side by side). Can anyone help me in placing those images in horizontal sequence (in UntabbedNest module), or maybe there's better solution to achieve such an effect ?   Plse help !!

Thursday 25th February 2016 16:32

Hi Jonny!


Have you tried using a Multiple Image Container plugin? Will that do what you need?

Thursday 25th February 2016 19:47

Accept my appologies, here again I've spent another day and a half trying hard to style my pictures look in UntabbedNest, but I completely forgot the fact that I'm using my custom skin (retouching css file) while content-item (containing my UntabbedNest) uses different Gridtemplate (which in turn uses standart skin), sound too ridiculous for a middle-aged designer :).

But "Multiple Image Container" plugin is yet another solution, I didn't know about before (I've tried it works well and predictable way :). Thank you Chris, I came to love Zenario

Friday 26th February 2016 10:09

We usually direct people to use the Multiple Image Container plugin instead of using a Nest plugin as it's easier to use.


The Nest plugins have more features but they're more difficult to work with, so if you just want something simple go for a Multiple Image Container.

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