Thursday 19th May 2016 09:54



I am trying to recreate the social links that you have on your sample site on a new layout, and unable to get an horizontal layout as you get with the untabbed nest.


I get the icons/tabs layed out vertically one in top of the other.


I think I am totally blind. What I am missing?


Many thanks and kind regards from Spain,

Thursday 19th May 2016 12:01

Hi Pagliaso,


Those social icons are by default block elements what it means they will be shown one on top of other.  In order to have them displayed horizontally you will need to style them with CSS by applying some rules. A simple way to do it is giving them the rule display: inline-block. I t will force them to be placed one after the other.


Please see this simple example to have an idea:


Any question please let me know,







Thursday 19th May 2016 16:07

Hola Pedro,


Many thanks for your reply and explanation.


I think I can't prevent getting lost with the stylesheets in Zenario, so really waiting for the next release, and maybe to be able to completelly edit stylesheets inside Zenario without having to go to the files on the server?!


And for some reason on my site I was not seeing the modifier social_links, so I think I was being blind.


Now with your explanation I understand from where is coming the inline-block.


Many thanks and kind regards from Spain,










Thursday 19th May 2016 16:29

Hi there


In version 7.3 there's a browser-based editor that you can use to edit your CSS files.


The editor will create files with certain set names (e.g. reset.css, fonts.css, layout.css, print.css, menu.css, banner.css...) for you to edit. The idea behind this is to give people a little bit more guidance (e.g. you should write rules for fonts in fonts.css.)


We'll also be including a "blank" skin in the download, that will have all of the slots laid out in the correct positions, but will include no other styles.

Thursday 19th May 2016 22:23

Hi Chris,


Many thanks for your reply.


I am looking forward to the next release.


Thanks and kind regards from Spain,



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