A slideshow is often the centre piece to any website, with eye catching visuals and messages that can keep site visitors engaged.

What is a slideshow?

A slideshow is used to present a series of images in one place on a website. Slides scroll across the screen at varying intervals or can be manually moved on by the visitor. The entire image area can sometimes be a link to a relevant page as well as a "button" that users can click on.

Why should you use a slideshow?

Slideshows are widely used on many websites, especially in the corporate world. It enables a lot of information to be presented in one small space on a website, giving an overview of the main aspects of the company's products or services. This allows you to focus the visitors attention on the most important parts of your website.

Zenario's "Slideshow 2"

Some of the features that Zenario's newest slideshow plugin have are as follows:

- Upload images from "Organizer" (the back-end of the CMS) or your computer

- Reorganise slides in order to display in the way you want

- Disable slides in order hide them from public view. Used for seasonal events etc.

- Responsive-  Select your own image for mobile optimisation. 

- Titles and descriptions show on top of the slide image. HTML can be used to customise further.

- Constrain slideshow size

- Set duration of each slide

- Choose transition effect

- Add in arrow buttons for easier navigation

How to insert a slideshow onto your website

Below is a quick guide on how to insert a slideshow using Zenario.

- On an empty slot on the page, click the plus icon and select "Insert plugin from library..."

Insert plugin from library

- Choose the "Slideshow 2" folder and select "Create a plugin"

- An admin box will appear asking you to choose your properties. Note that some properties may change since this article was published.

slideshow 2 properties

- You will then be taken to  the front end of your website. The slot that you inserted the slideshow in will now say "This slideshow has no slides yet." 

- To add your slides click on the icon for the slot and choose "Edit images".

Google ChromeScreenSnapz030.png

- The image manager will then show. The one depicted below is fully populated. Here you can upload your images, give them descriptions, reorder them, add in links and disable them.

slideshow image properties

- Click "Save & Close" and your slide show will be complete.

Zenario homepage screenshot