Tuesday 4th October 2016 08:11

Hello everybody,

How can I configure the Responsive Multi Level Menu, so that the drop down menu after opening at the top level is? The slider then underneath to be overlapped.




Wednesday 12th October 2016 19:16

Hello everybody,


I would appreciate an answer.




Thursday 13th October 2016 10:13



Sorry for the slow reply. I'm not too sure but I guess what you mean it's all about the slider overlapping the drop down menu .


In order to solve this issue you will have to use the "z-index" CSS property which specifies the stack order of the elements. You will basically need to make sure the "ul.slimmenu" element ,from the Responsive Multi Level Menu, has a higher z-index (use z-index: 999, for instance). 


For more information about this CSS property please follow:




Hope you find it useful,



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