Tuesday 24th March 2020 22:02

Chris  - This framework has been a tremendous help to the development of our Church's website. ( https://www.Midwayumc.net )  I have much more to add/correct/improve but Zenario is GREAT.  Please let me know where/how I can make a donation $$$ to this project.  EXCELLENT WORK!

Friday 27th March 2020 16:41

Hi Mike,


Thanks very much for the positive feedback, and for the kind offer.


We don't expect donations when people download our open source code, but if you would to send something, perhaps I can suggest our UK's NHS appeal to help our amazing healthcare workers at this difficult time:




Thank you.


Friday 3rd April 2020 15:58

Done!  ....and thanks again for such a GREAT Project!  What's next on the roadmap? 

Friday 3rd April 2020 16:00

BTW - after entering my 'Reply' when I click on 'Add Reply' - it posts but I get this

This file could not be uploaded. According to its name, "" should be an file, but on scanning its contents it failed to match "application/octet-stream". This could be because the file has been corrupted, or you could have renamed the extension by mistake.

Saturday 18th April 2020 14:01

Hey there Mike!


We don't publish a roadmap as such, but you can see the new features and changes of the upcoming release on the page at zenar.io/change-log.


By the way thank you for pointing out the bug with the forums - that should be fixed now!

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