Tuesday 29th August 2017 20:57

Hi everyone, I really like this system, I do not know if the translation of google will be good, I hope it is understood since I am Spanish and what I wanted to ask is if you can change the default language, that the Spanish comes out and can be added other languages.
I wait for your indications.




Thursday 31st August 2017 09:35

Hi there xamon


If you go to International -> Languages in Organizer, you can add an additional language.


As soon as you have more than one language, a new button will appear in International -> Languages when nothing is selected, called Set default language. You can use this to change your default language (e.g. from English to Spanish).


If you didn't want your original language at all, you are then free to delete it.


Note that this won't change the language that administrators see in admin mode, this is always English.

Thursday 31st August 2017 18:25

Thank you so much Chris.

I really appreciate it, you were absolutely right.



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