Wednesday 21st September 2016 17:57

First of all, I as a leech, who enjoys the free speech/beer that comes with the Zenario's BSD license and the lot of hard work gone into the Zenario, am very happy with the availability of the Zenario software. However, with all due respect, now that You've made the software, essentially Your crown jewels,  open source and placed it under a very liberal license, free for everybody to use, I do think that it is fair that You get some benefits of the open source nature of the Zenario and receive at least "free testing"  and may be sometimes some development cost reductions by choosing the contributions that You like the most, to be merged with Your version of the Zenario.


For that to happen, You need to have some sort of a feedback channel, how people can contribute back. It's nice that this forum exists here, but I strongly suggest that You install some proper bugtrack system somewhere or, if You do not want to do that, then at least switch in the bugtracker at the Zenario  GitHub account.


Meanwhile, the flaw that I actually wanted to report back is that the 




contains a flaw that the installation index.php crashes, because the command 


    mkdir -p $HOME/tmp/sessions


needs to be run manually before executing the welcome page index.php. If the manual folder creaton is not carried out, the screen looks roughly like is shown at the attached screenshot.


Thank You for reading this comment. 


Wednesday 21st September 2016 18:03

It seems that the file uplad failed. May be it has something to do with the crash of the instance running this forum. As a workaround I uploaded the image to:

Thursday 22nd September 2016 16:31

Hi there Martin!


I took a look at your screenshot, the error looks like you have a problem with your Apache installation - as you say, a directory that was needed for the session cookies wasn't created properly.


I'm sorry but I don't think it's a bug with Zenario specifically!




Our main development work takes place on a private repo on our own servers.


We've been looking into moving the code for Zenario to GitHub to increase visibility and transparency, but at the moment our main repo is our private one and I am manually syncing changes between the two when we do a public release.


We also have our own bug tracker system which is also private. If you want to report any bugs then you can use the forums, or if it's private or sensitive in nature, the contact form.

Friday 23rd September 2016 12:53



You're quite right, we have been handling bug reports through this forum but I think it would be better to handle them through GitHub.

So we have opened an Issues panel on Github, here.


Happy bug-reporting!



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