Friday 30th September 2016 18:20



(Just to you let you know)


In the module:  Web Feed Reader Pro is missing.

I have received an system e-mail with an notification: ( Files for the following modules are missing:

Web Feed Reader Pro (zenario_feed_reader_pro) )

So I have uploaded the module from V 7.2.2.

It works.





Monday 3rd October 2016 09:19

Hi there!


In version 7.3 we've merged the zenario_feed_reader and zenario_feed_reader_pro modules into one module. You don't need to use the zenario_feed_reader_pro any more; you can just use the zenario_feed_reader module.


Unfortunately it seems we missed this change out from our change log, and from our migration scripts! Sorry about the confusion there!


At some point we'll release a patch that should migrate the plugins properly and not show this error.

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