Wednesday 19th July 2017 07:54



I am trying to install last version of Zenario (7.6.41633) and I can not even get first screen of installer.


After inspection of error log files on Apache this is what I see:


[error] [client] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected '?' in /home/xxx/domains/ on line 2596, referer:


I have search in the forums and nobody else has this problem, so I was wondering if this could be a problem with my server lacking something?!


Many thanks and kind regards from Spain,




p.d. delighted to see all the improvements and many updates of the last few months on your impresive ZENARIO CMS


Wednesday 19th July 2017 14:13

Hi pagliaso,


I suspect you may need to update your server's PHP version in order to use Zenario 7.6, it now requires PHP7 (which is considerably faster than PHP5).


What PHP version do you have please?


many thanks,





Wednesday 19th July 2017 15:16

Hi Tony,


Many thanks for your reply.


I am using php 5.6.31


I am very sorry, I read now on the System Requirements that php 5.7 is needed, as you say.


I had just read installing instructions and changelog, as I had installed previous version a few weeks ago.


I will try to install ZENARIO again when I manage to update my server.


Thanks and kind regards,





Wednesday 19th July 2017 16:58

Just be careful - you need PHP7 (not 5.7).


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