Saturday 15th November 2014 14:06

Hello friends, i just put all files via ftp on my hosting account, changed the permissions of directories and files like mentioned in the readme file, but i always get the following error: svwrap $Revision: 1.44 $ Error in line 781 security: script is world-writable could anyone help?

Sunday 16th November 2014 12:16

Zenario requires a number of directories and file to be writeable by the web server, for example it needs a cache directory to place frequently used graphics and other files. Also the templates directory has a grid_templates subdirectory that should be writeable, and the files inside it (.php and .css files) will later be written to when you use Gridmaker to arrange the layout of your pages, so the CMS will also want those to be writeable by the web server. During installation, it suggests the zenario_siteconfig.php file to be writeable, though it's not essential as you can copy and paste this yourself into the the empty file so as to populate it. I am not sure what svwrap is, but I wonder if it's a program that your ISP puts on the server as a security measure. It's not happy that some script(s) are writeable. Can you ask your ISP about that?  It would be heplful to know the URL on which you see this message (we don't need the domain name but the rest of the path would help us understand where you see this). I hope that helps.

Tuesday 25th November 2014 09:12

Hi there Christiano There are a few things in the CMS that won't work as smoothly, or won't work at all, if certain files/directories are writable. Unfortunately this can be a little bit of a headache if:

  • You are running on shared hosting,
  • There are other users on the server, and
  • The other users are not "jailed" (i.e. they are allowed to access files outside of their home directories)
In this case this could be a security problem because another of your host's customers could read and/or change your files. One possible work-around would be to use the CMS without making your files writable. In theory this should work, but we don't often test like this so you might run into some confusing behaviour and some tasks will be less friendly as you will need to keep manually editing certain files. The CMS will also run a lot slower like this.

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