Tuesday 22nd March 2016 12:20



I am playing with Zenario, and was trying to translate the message by default when a site is not yet available, but I am not able to locate it.


"A site is being built at this location."

"If you are the Site Administrator please click here to manage your site."


Is this something that can be translated easily from the frontend, and I am being blind?


Many thanks and kind regards from Spain,



Tuesday 22nd March 2016 13:37

Hi Alberto,


This message can't be multi-lingual as such, but if you click the "power" button in Organizer (very bottom left) you can see then enable/disable site panel, and there you can change the text. 


See my attachment.





Tuesday 22nd March 2016 16:27

Hi Tony,


Many thanks for your prompt reply.


I see, I was being blind. With that I can perfectly do what I was trying to achieve (give a 2-language notice)!


I am stuck with Joomla and lack of time, but I have been following Zenario and many other CMS's for months and some for years, and I think that Zenario simply rocks, in features, speed, quality of the website generated, stability, etc... It is very further ahead of the rivals.



Many thanks and kind regards from Spain,



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