Wednesday 6th July 2016 23:15

I'm using the default installed template and have replaced block2 slot's sample video with an Image Container (also tried other slots with same results) and then created an image plugin with the Image Container as the module, however the image won't show up anywhere except in Firefox.  In Chrome, there is an error that says the resource was denied by client....and in IE it gives no indication that I can find as to why it doesn't load the image. Also interestingly and perhaps most telling to someone who isn't new to Zenario, is that in the Image Gallery, when clicking the image preview, it says that 'the image failed to load', even though other images preview just fine.  Seems like a permissions issue of some sort.  I checked the public folder and all folders underneath it are all read, write, execute.  Also, if I type the full path including the domain into a browser to the image, it displays the image fine.


Another note, if I add a hyperlink to the image in Organizer and publish the page, when I hover over where the image should be on the page, the blank space (where the image should be) is clickable and the link does work if clicked; but no image ever appears in that space, at least in Chrome and IE.   In Firefox, the image appears normally.

One last thing to note.  I received the message from the system after install:

"In your php.ini you have opcache.enable turned on, and you have opcache.dups_fix turned off. This may cause occasional PHP “fatal errors” on your site. Please edit your php.ini and either turn opcache.enable off or else turn opcache.dups_fix on."

I haven't corrected this problem yet as I haven't had any other issues with site functionality and furthermore, I'm not exactly sure how to do it.  Could this be related to the images in Image Containers not displaying?  Thanks for any help.  Love the CMS...would love to come over from Joomla full-time.


In the screenshot, notice that the image doesn't preview in the right-hand Preview section either.  Other images do preview there.  Also, neither Chrome nor IE shows the floating Admin login menu (at the top right of the screen), but FF shows it fine.

Thursday 7th July 2016 10:16

Hi there Marko!


Is it possible for us to see your site or do you not feel happy disclosing the URL? If not, then could I ask you to check a few of things?


  1. In Chrome, please could you right-click on the empty space where the image should be, press Inspect, and check the styles in the inspector. Is there a rule there for a background-image?
  2. Right-click on the URL of the background-image and select "Open Link in New Tab". 
  3. If the new tab opens but the image doesn't load, try right clicking and pressing "View Source".

If you follow those steps you should be looking at a URL that looks something this: "".


You might just see a blank page here, you might just see a load of binary data. But if you see any error messages, could you let us know what they are?

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