Friday 30th September 2016 21:06

In one of my templates, some whitespaces no longer set any gaps.
They are visible in the Gridmanager, but have no spacing effect.
I exchanged the whitespaces. Unfortunately without success.
Now the entire layout has shifted.
What should I do?

Friday 30th September 2016 23:11



You might find on the file 'layout.css' these CSS rule:


.pad_slot {


Please remove this rule. You should be able to see the spaces then.


Kind Regards,


Tuesday 4th October 2016 07:59

Thank you Liz,

It has helped to enable most distances. But not all.
How can the remaining enabled?

Unfortunately, newly created white spaces show no effect.
How can they be activated?

In 2 other templates I have the same problem now. Some whitespace have no effect. Once I change existing white spaces in the grid manager, they lose the spacing effect.
How can this be fixed?

Tuesday 4th October 2016 09:20

Hi there, could I get you to try something?


Would you mind:

  1. Go to one of the content items where you can see the problem.
  2. Change the skin to the "blank" skin included with the download. (I.e. this skin has minimal CSS styles.)

You should now see a mostly black-and-white page, but you should see that the plugins and the slots are still roughly in their correct places.


Would you mind checking if you still have the problem with the white-spaces not appearing where they should?


If they are in the right place, then the issue is probably coming from a rule in your skin. If they are still not in the right place then I would suspect that there may be a problem with the styles in Zenario somewhere.

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