Zenario 9

Zenario 9 was launched in mid-2021, here are the changes since then.

Zenario 9.5

Zenario 9.5 introduces Staging view, slideshows improved on mobile devices, and much more.

Zenario 9.4

With major improvements to GridMaker, CSS editing, cookie handling, and many more improvements, Zenario 9.4 is our latest CMS with many improvements.

Zenario 9.3

Version 9.3 of our CMS improves cookie handling, speed, image handling and much more.

Zenario 9.2

Zenario 9.2 includes simplified admin toolbar, improvements to Gridmaker, improved on-site Search, and crop-and-zoom image editing.

Zenario 9.1

Introduces WebP image handling for improved page speed and SEO. Improvements to Gridmaker. S3 support for large document content items.

Zenario 9.0

Zenario version 9.0 is a new major release. It contains changes to the editing interface in the admin front-end, and changes to how layouts are stored internally.