Zenario 9.3.57595

Repository: TribalSystems/Zenario · Tag: 9.3.57595 · Commit: c9c1181 · Released by: TribalSystems

This update to Zenario 9.3 contains bug fixes.

Fixes for database errors when installing or doing a site reset

The previous release contained a problem with the site reset system, where it was possible
to get a database error whilst doing a site reset. This update will prevent this issue.

We've also fixed a different database error that occurred when trying to install the
Location Manager module when running on PHP 8.1.

Other fixes

In the plugin settings of the Banner plugin, it's now no longer possible to set mobile
settings for an image before you have selected the image.

Fixed a bug where the unit selector would sometimes not appear when setting a file size
in the site settings.

Several more PHP warnings and notices when running in PHP 8.1 have been fixed.

We've removed the zenario/libs/bower/.htaccess file, as this seems to be causing bugs
and false alarms in GitHub's security advisory system.
If you did have an old link to a library in the bower/ directory, and were relying on this
.htaccess file to correct the broken link for you, then you will need to manually fix any
of these old links.