Zenario 7.0.3a Pro change log

Significant features


Major new module, makes it easy to create slideshows and hero areas, with support for responsive sites. Reorganise your slides in any order to appear in the way you want. Slides can be disabled and activated for seasonal use. Insert your own titles and descriptions on top of the images, incorporate HTML for extra customisation. Select different transitions for each slide.

New Module: Page Background Image / Colour

Create custom backgrounds for your website by uploading your own images from the CMS or Dropbox. This new module also allows you to choose what position on the page it will be displayed. Insert your own CSS classes to the background to enhance further.

New module: Event slideshow

Presents future events to site visitors in an interactive captivating way. Forward and back buttons allow for easy navigation as well as filter options for different categories. Associated images can also be shown in the slideshow.


Control your data model by using the Zenario dataset feature. This allows custom fields to be created for Users and Contacts; Companies; Locations; Documents; and more. By controlling the fields and therefore the data you are capturing, you can adapt and grow your website as your business expands.


Gridmaker is a brand new way to design your website pages layout. This visual approach of adding in slots (content areas) means a webpage can quickly be created. Slots are assigned to a grid and can be changed in size, position and size. CSS classes can also be associated with slots for more indepth design work.

Improved Form System

New Forms area in Organizer, ability to add a Captcha to all forms, can create “unlinked” fields for better data management

Form submission records now tell you which page they are on for easy reference.

Extranet user registration

More control over User status after sign up process. Choose from various status options before and after a User has verified their account.

Phrase localisation now in Raw HTML snippets

Raw HTML Snippet plugins, like Banners and many other plugins, can now include sections of text within double square brackets, so that phrases [[like this]] now get looked up in the local language’s phrases for translation.

Rebrand Zenario

Rebranding the CMS means that you can replace all of the Zenario logos and icons with your own. So when a client logs into your website they will see your branding instead of the default. Logos that appear on admin login screens, favicons that appear in browser tabs, Organizer icons, and home screen icons for tablets and mobile devices can all be changed to reflect the look and feel of your company.

Easier editing

Simply double click anywhere in a WYSIWYG editor to start editing your text.

Improved password security

Passwords for extranet users can now be one way encrypted for added security. A new password reset module has also been added to accompany this.

News Ticker

Catch the eye of your visitors by using a scrolling news ticker anywhere on your website.

Implement hreflang links on multilingual sites

Google endorsed code is now automatically input into the system if you site has more than one language. This code will enable the right version of your site to be shown in search results.

Minor features

  • Newsletter feature improved to be more streamlined
  • Control admin permissions for documents

Changes to note

Changes to the "Menu (Responsive Multilevel)" plugin

There has been a change to where the CSS for the "Menu (Responsive Multilevel)" plugin is stored in 7.0.3. We have removed the CSS from the Module's directory and we now expect you to add the CSS in the Skin instead.

Bug Fixes

  • User Hierarchy module updates
  • Forms module updates
  • Fixed sign-in log date range filter option
  • Fixed a bug with back button on installer
  • Fixed newsletter view recipients bug